Fcs Kali Hellas Members

* (Fcs Kali Hellas Founding Members)
Current:  Up to date on all of the FCS Curriculum and evolution / Actively teaching FCS

Active: Active within the FCS family/not up to date or actively teaching

1)Guro Dimitris Boudakis*
FCS Guro – Training Group Leader(Chania)- CURRENT
2)Guro Dimitris Katsiaras*
FCS Guro – Training Group Leader(Peristeri) – CURRENT
3)Guro  Dimitris Angelis*
FCS Guro – Private Group(Galatsi) – ACTIVE
4)Manong Christoforos Christodoulou*
FCS Manong – Training Group Leader(Ag.I. Rendi) – CURRENT
5)Manong Dimitris Spiliadis
 FCS Manong – Private Group(Marousi) – CURRENT
6)Manong Andreas Proveleggios*
FCS Manong- Training Group Leader(Kipseli) –ACTIVE
7)Manong Thanos Fotakakis
FCS Manong- Training Group Leader(N.Erythraia) – CURRENT
8) Manong Konstantinos Hatzistergiou
FCS Manong– Training Group Leader(Kavala) – CURRENT

9)Giorgos Marmaras
5th Level – Training Group Leader(N.Ionia)- CURRENT
10)Giorgos Soultatos
5th Level-Training Group Leader(Heraklion) – CURRENT
11)Wladyslaw Chirkowski
2nd Level-Training Group Leader(Rethimno) – CURRENT
12)Giorgos Theodoropoulos*
3rd Level-FCS Regional Representative(Pirgos) – ACTIVE
13)Patty Krommida
5th Level – Private Group(Moschato)-ACTIVE


14)Theodosis Delis
3rd Level-Training Group Leader(Chalandri) – CURRENT



Ioannis Alexandrakis
3rd Level-Heraklion-ACTIVE
Giorgos Passas
2nd Level-Private Group(Athens) – ACTIVE
Yannis Kariotis*
4th Level
Nikolaos Kalogeridis*
3rd Level
Manos Fragiadakis
3rd Level
Efy Kokkinou*
2nd Level
Nikos Mattas*
2nd Level
Vardoulakis Manousos
2nd Level